Corduroy (by Don Freeman) was published before I was born but was a treasure from my childhood.  I was thrilled my sister gave the book to my boys as part of their Christmas book box (now that is a lovely tradition….a box FULL of books at Christmastime….my mother was the creator of that brilliant idea).  I couldn’t wait to read Corduroy to our boys; a real treat was learning my husband hadn’t previously read Corduroy either.  What a treat to read it together as a family.

Corduroy is an adorably sweet, and innocent, little bear in the toy section of a large department store.  He is waiting to be taken home by a child.  The story is brief, full of tenderness and a bit of adventure.  Don Freeman magically brings Corduroy to life and has you fall in love with him instantly.

Once you have discovered the wonders of Corduroy, you can also enjoy “Pocket for Corduroy”.  These are two books I can guarantee you will be reading over, and over, and over to your children.