Demolition, by Sally Sutton (published by Candlewick Press) is a terrific book for children fascinated by the world of construction.  Our two boys had the priviledge of watching a building demolished in our neighbourhood.  They revelled in reading this book as it reminded them of seeing the big machines crumple a gigantic building.

Ms Sutton’s book demonstrates that though some things must come down, good can come from that collapse.  She teaches reduce, reuse and recycle.  Most impressively she marries destruction (from the demolition) with the beauty of music (through the use of rhyme and rhythm).

Demolition has quickly become a favourite in our house.  The pictures, by Brian Lovelock, are terrific; we especially like the power shovel image which alludes to the dinosaur mentioned in the text.  Demolition by Sally Sutton is a great read; your kids will enjoy it!