Eurostar London to Amsterdam in less than four hours
Beginning April 4th, you’ll be able to take a Eurostar high-speed train from London to Amsterdam in 3 hours and 41 minutes! The return will be an hour longer due to a mandatory passport control check in Brussels where you’ll need to swap trains. Hopefully this is a temporary hiccup as Eurostar hopes to offer the option to pre-clear customs in Holland in the future. Holland is new destination for Eurostar which currently travels within England, France and Belgium.

Currently, there are 17 daily flights from London to Amsterdam and Eurostar aims to get a market share on all those passengers. Although the train may take longer than your average hour and a half flight, the check-in time is shorter when taking a train and you get the extra perk of a free bag when booking the lowest fare. Not to mention ample legroom.

The proposed schedule will have two trains a day leaving London’s St. Pancras station travelling to Amsterdam, at 8:31 and 17:31.

Eurostar London to Amsterdam in less than four hours

The all-new speedy 300kph trains are part of Eurostar’s major commitment to the future of international high-speed rail. The United Kingdom to The Netherlands by Eurostar in just three hours with a journey time of 3hr41 (London-Amsterdam) and 3hr01 (London- Rotterdam). The journey to Brussels, on the same route, is now just 1hr 28.

Eurostar offers three classes of service ranging from Standard, Standard Premier and Business Premier.

Tickets go on sale February 20th and will start at €40 (CAD$62). Visit for more information or to book your tickets.