Thomas LandThanks to a recommendation from one of our taxi drivers we visited Thomas Land at Drayton Manor.  I think our kids’ heads almost popped completely off!
Thomas Land really does exist…Knapford Station, Thomas, Rosie, Percy, Sir Topham Hat and more!

There are rides galore at Thomas Land.  Fly high in the sky with both Jermey Jet Plane and Harold the Helicopter.  Suspend high in the air with Bertie Bus and spin in circles with Diesel’s Locomotion Mayhem.  Look down upon Thomas Land from the newest ride, Winston’s Whistle Stop.

Emily's PlaygroundEmily has her own FABULOUS, little-kid-only, playground.  Remember to bring socks!  Comfy couches are provided for the parents (who aren’t allowed on the playground).  Our kids were dripping with sweat and absolutely thrilled clamouring through the huge structure.

Terrence's Driving SchoolThere were 2 rides that were particular hits with our kids: the Troublesome Trucks roller coaster and Terrence’s Driving School.  The driving school is charming.  Kids must be between 1 meter and 1.3 meters in height (our youngest JUST made the cut off).  Four Terrance tractors await the kids.  The tractors are operated entirely by the kids: they have their own gas pedal, their own steering wheel and aren’t attached to a set track.  Our kids were in heaven.  Us parents were thrilled the ride went 1km/per hour (and maybe not even that fast).  As this ride is tucked off in a remote corner of the park, we never experienced much of a wait in line.  In fact, our little ones were able to have numerous rides in a row.

The Troublesome Trucks roller coaster is a great roller coaster for kids (and one this roller-coaster-phobic-mother was able to handle).  The circuit is quite quick, there is one crazy turn; each ride provides 2 trips around the circuit.  Troublesome Trucks is a very popular ride and always seemed to have a queue; however, it moves quickly and is definitely worth the wait.

Diesel's MayhemThomas Land is part of Drayton Manor Theme Park.  The larger theme park includes: a multitude of other rides geared at older kids / adults (and not Thomas-themed); a zoo; a variety of restaurants and food kiosks.  We went to The Grill (the only sit down restaurant at Drayton Manor).  There are great options for both kids and adults; the restaurant is also stroller-friendly.

Thomas Land was a huge hit with out train-loving boys.  Regardless of whether you have Thomas-fanatics or not, kids of all stripes will love Thomas Land at Drayton Manor Theme Park.