Oakley Court Hotel Rocky Horror Windsor
Butlers, Bicycles… and Rocky Horror! Family Fun at The Frighteningly Luxurious Oakley Court Hotel in Windsor, England

This summer, in anticipation of an entire month’s stay with family in the South West of England, we did something special following our red-eye flight from Halifax to London. Rather than run full-pelt from the airport, tired and dishevelled into the clutches of my Cornish in-laws, our family enjoyed a “pre-holiday” getaway
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England's Cornish Riviera Express Family Luxury on a Britrail Pass
The Joys of England’s Cornish Riviera Express – Family Luxury on a Britrail Pass

My daughter has her nose pressed to the glass and is gazing dreamily out the window at smooth green fields, horses and cows and the occasional clump of trees: gentle, rolling countryside that only England can offer. Suddenly there is a change in pressure, and with a tremendous WHOOSH, everything outside
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London with Kids
Going Underground? Hopping on a Double-decker? Here are 5 Great Tips for Traveling on London Transport with Kids

London, England is one of Europe’s most vibrant cities, with plenty of fun activities for kids of all ages. To make the most of your unforgettable visit to England’s capital, check out these 5 tips for traveling on London Transport with kids: 1. Choose the Right Ticket There are a few options
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Travel Dreams for 2015 Ramla I-Hamra, Malta courtesy Viewing Malta
4 Over the top Travel Dreams Plus Places We’ll Actually Go

I like the blank white pages of a pristine calendar. All those days, all those possibilities. No dentist appointments or school meetings or obligations to mar the boxes. No “bill due” scrawled in red or “P” in the corner of every second Thursday by which to measure how long of
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A study in Sherlock 221b Baker Street Plaque in London
A Study in Sherlock: London by the Book

… or “Stalking your Imaginary Boyfriend in London.”   If you love the BBC mini-series Sherlock, waiting until 2016 for season four might kill you. We think it’s perfectly reasonable to go to London in the meantime and binge a little on all things Benedict. I mean Sherlock. Sherlock. I
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Exploring England: A Day in Stratford-Upon-Avon

When visiting England, a day in Shakespeare country is a must.  We hopped aboard a double decker bus for an hour long journey to Stratford-Upon-Avon.  Upon our arrival we managed to cajole the kids into wandering a bit of the town.  Thank heavens a good friend lent us her stroller
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Bekonscot Model Village, England
The Fun is more than Miniature at Bekonscot Model Village

What a delightful treat we discovered at Beckonscot Model Village!  The venue first opened in 1927 and has been expanding ever since. Roughly 1.5 acres are covered in whimsical village scenes.  From a police station with a bed sheet escape ladder hanging out the window, to a burning thatched roof
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Diggerland England – A Must See for Small Boys!

Diggerland needs to come to Canada!  What a blast!  We braved the 2+ hour drive to take the boys to Diggerland.  Apart from a visit to the Diggerland website and a survey of Trip Advisor comments, we didn’t know what to expect.  Our expectations were more than exceeded. The kids
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A Morning at Stonehenge

When planning our trip to England I knew I wanted to show my boys Stonehenge.  I recognize at ages 2 & 4 they aren’t capable of comprehending the true significance of a 5,000 year old monument.  However, since we had traveled 7,500kms from Vancouver to England, I figured the additional
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Thomas Land at Drayton Manor is a Must See for Fans!

Thanks to a recommendation from one of our taxi drivers we visited Thomas Land at Drayton Manor.  I think our kids’ heads almost popped completely off! Thomas Land really does exist…Knapford Station, Thomas, Rosie, Percy, Sir Topham Hat and more! There are rides galore at Thomas Land.  Fly high in
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