Technology has come a long way baby!

It used to be that we had to wait until the baby was born to be inundated with information about it, but now even a fetus can have a Facebook page!

I have friends that have started blogs as a way to keep family members and friends posted about their kids.  We have often used Facebook as a way to share pictures of our children with relatives far and wide.  But never once did it occur to me to create a Facebook page specifically for my child, let alone do it before she/he was even born!

But that is exactly what what a Texas couple did when they created a Facebook profile for their unborn daughter who they have named Marriah. Interests include swimming and back-flips, and apparently her favorite movie is “Look Who’s Talking”

So is this social media overkill?  Excited parents sharing with family?  Too Much Information?  Discuss 🙂