Every time I step foot on a suspension bridge, I cannot help but picture myself in a swashbuckling adventure movie like Romancing the Stone or any of the first 3 Indiana Jones movies (we don’t speak of the 4th).

On the West Coast, most people are familiar with the Capilano Suspension Bridge, and some know the smaller Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge, but now the interior of BC will boast some swing when Pursuit Collection (known for hotels and experiences across the Rockies) opens the Golden Skybridge.

Golden, located in SE British Columbia, is a 90-minute drive from Banff, AB, and it is known for outdoor adventures such as white water rafting and snowmobiling, but starting May 2021, there’s a new game in town! This new attraction will offer the best, most expansive mountain views from Canada’s highest suspension bridges. That’s right, bridges. There are 2 suspension bridges, sitting at 130 and 80 meters high, offering amazing views of the forest, canyon, river, and waterfall below.

A view of the mountains. Photo Golden Skybridge by Pursuit

A view of the mountains. Photo Golden Skybridge by Pursuit

“At Pursuit, we are focused on connecting guests to iconic places through unforgettable and inspiring experiences,” says David Barry, President, Pursuit.  “The Columbia Valley is one of those remarkable places that is uniquely positioned to provide a stunning yet accessible mountain experience. Whether you’re staying in Golden or making it a stop along your journey between Alberta and British Columbia, the Golden Skybridge will soon become an iconic experience for Canadian and international visitors alike.”

And it is more than just a couple of bridges. A three km nature walk will take you throughout the park, zig-zagging across both bridges, with viewing platforms where you can stop and regain your composure and take in the views.

And if crossing a suspension bridge 130 meters off the canyon floor doesn’t get your blood pumping, you can also try the tandem bungee swing and 1,200-metre zipline across the canyon (both opening later on in Summer 2021).

Our annual family camping trip frequently takes us to BC’s wonderous interior, but this year, instead of driving straight through to get to our destination as fast as possible, we are going to stop and take in the views at Golden Skybridge.

Overhead view of the suspension Bridge - Photo Golden Skybridge by Pursuit

Overhead view of the Suspension Bridge – Photo Golden Skybridge by Pursuit

For more information on the Golden Skybridge at goldenskybridge.com