Seems like an odd title doesn’t it? Why would something gross give one happy feelings?

This is one of my FB status updates from last week.

FB status

Surprisingly, many people seem to have fond memories of running to the gas station or neighborhood convenience store to pick up cigarettes for our parents. However, I’m guessing no one has fond memories of being hot boxed in the back seat of the family station wagon without seat belts!

How did this not give our parents the heebie jeebies? They asked under age children to cross busy roads without an adult and talk to strangers in a store in order to purchase an unhealthy product. Do these little excursions still happen today? I doubt it and not just because smoking is less prevalent than it was when we were children!

But you know what these trips accomplished? They gave us both freedom and a sense of responsibility. It taught us to be independent and that work gets rewarded. So while I’m not sending my kids out to buy my vices (unless chocolate counts) I think at almost 9 my daughter is now old enough to send to the corner store and pick up milk when we run out.

And I know she’s going to love keeping the change too!