Update (2019): Rockies Heli no longer operates from the Kananaskis Base, just the Icefield Base located at Cline River between Lake Louise and Jasper.


Yoga is meant to connect the body with the breath and to reach ultimate tranquility. I’m finding it impossible to find my inner calm in downward dog while gazing at inverted pine trees and upside down mountain tops. I’m at the summit of a mountain in Kananaskis, having been whisked to the top in a helicopter and my heart is pumping with pure adrenaline; this was my first helicopter ride and I’m still recovering from the excitement.


Rockies Heli Canada in Kananaskis, Alberta runs this mountain-top adrena-zen experience. It’s a short, 45 minute drive from Calgary to the Rockies Heli Canada base next to Stoney Nakoda Resort & Casino on the Trans Canada Highway. In addition to Heli-yoga, Rockies Heli Canada offers Heli-snowshoe adventures, Heli-horseback and more.


Hillary Young of the Canmore Yoga Lounge is leading our Hatha Yoga session. Young has a great sense of humour and does her best to reign in our giggly, distracted chatter as we breathe through the bugs tickling our toes and swoon over our mountain top surroundings.


Our yogiventure was organized by Ford Canada to help launch Robin Esrock‘s latest book, The Great Canadian Prairies Bucket List. Robin Esrock is a travel writer, TV Host, adventure junkie and bestselling author of The Great Canadian Bucket List. Ford Canada drove us in style in their latest Ford Explorer; the perfect ride for a group of mountain-loving adventure seekers heading out to cross Heli-yoga off their bucket lists.

We finally settled and were able to finish our stretches and achieved that perfect level of serenity only attained by spending time in the great outdoors. We topped off the tour by sipping smoothies and taking a million selfies.


Jody Robbins from Travels with Baggage

I may not get a chance to summit a mountain in a helicopter anytime soon but I am tempted to cart a yoga mat along on my next hike for another mountain peak yoga session.

Thank you to Ford Canada for driving us in style in the Ford Explorer; I think the luxurious massage chairs should be mandatory feature in all vehicles and to Rockies Heli Canada for the safe and exhilarating ride to the top.