If you’ve ever whisper/yelled to your partner “You said the kids were asleep!!” while hastily pulling on whatever shirt you can find, you probably deserve a grown-up getaway.

Keeping the couple-connection alive after you have children can be challenging. Date nights are great, but sometimes it takes a little bit more to escape the demands and difficulties of parenting to refresh and reconnect. If you’re looking to give your parenting personas a break and enjoy time as a couple, Scottsdale, Arizona is a quick, easy place to go, perfect for reconnection and relaxation.

Where to Stay for your Grown Ups Only Getaway to Scottsdale

View from the Four Seasons Photo Codi Darnell

View from the Four Seasons Photo Codi Darnell

Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North

We sat out on our private covered patio, overlooking what felt like our very own piece of the Sonoran Desert, and all we could both say was it’s just so quiet. Then we Facetimed our children who fought over who got to hold the iPad and remembered why quiet is such a foreign concept to us.

Set on 127 acres and surrounded by rugged rock formations, endless desert plants and the picturesque Pinnacle Peak, the Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale—tucked seamlessly into the desert—felt far away from the realities of everyday life. Even though our Facetime fiasco may have momentarily ruined that peaceful feeling, the resort had tranquillity and service down to an art form, and it didn’t take long for us to re-immerse ourselves in its atmosphere and amenities.

Proof Canteen

Proof Photo Codi Darnell

Proof shuffleboard – Photo Codi Darnell

I would happily eat breakfast every morning on the sun-soaked patio of Proof Canteen. The fun and relaxed feel of the restaurant was evident from the shuffleboard table to the shots of juice. And the menu easily satisfied our different appetites and preferences. While my husband laughed at my order of a blueberry muffin and mixed berries (hold the blueberries) as he enjoyed his Green Chile Pork Benedict, we both agreed that those freshly squeezed juice combinations were pretty amazing—go for the Tiki Tumeric.


Scottsdale Meal at Talavera Photo Codi Darnell

Talavera Photo Codi Darnell

If your idea of fine dining is lighting a candle to eat your dinner in peace after the kids go to bed, you need a little Talavera in your life. From the cocktails to the charcuterie to the main dishes—everything was perfectly plated and delicious. It was an upscale dining experience beyond our expectations and a splurge-worthy meal, just right for a couple’s getaway.

The Pools and Saguaro Blossom

Four Seasons Cabana Photo Codi Darnell

Four Seasons Cabana Photo Codi Darnell

When is the last time you read a book under the shade of a cabana or fell asleep on a sun-bed? The three pools and hot tub felt hidden away from the rest of the resort, and once we found ourselves there, we didn’t want to leave. Saguaro Blossom made that a reality with its poolside service of food and cocktails; their margarita-making demo provided us with some pro-tips to up our margarita-making game at home. Plus we got to drink the margaritas at the end—win-win!

Four Seasons Scottsdale pool Photo Codi Darnell

Four Seasons Scottsdale Pool – Photo Codi Darnell

Our experience at the Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale was spectacular. We were sad to leave this private oasis, but our spirits quickly lifted as we arrived at the Hyatt Regency.

Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa At Gainey Ranch

Hyatt pool Photo Codi Darnell

Hyatt pool Photo Codi Darnell

As we laid by the pool—books in hand—we heard kids calling out for their parents to get in the water to play. For a moment, we wished our tribe was with us because they would be having so much fun. But that moment quickly passed as those other parents went to play Marco Polo while we settled back into our books with our cocktails and enjoyed not needing to count how many of our children’s heads were above water.

The Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa was the perfect combination of paradise and fun. The rows of pristine palm trees and manicured grounds along with the spa, a 2.5-acre water playground and live entertainment nightly, all made for time well spent together.

Southwest Bistro

Scottsdale meal at Southwest Bistro Photo Codi Darnell

Meal at Southwest Bistro Photo Codi Darnell

We were repeat-visitors to the Southwest Bistro during our stay at the Hyatt. While I highly recommend getting the shrimp tacos if you find yourself there for lunch (all to yourself because they were too good to share) the Wine Me Dine Me dinner was a fun and tasty way to spend an evening. We enjoyed a custom four-course menu with wine and tequila pairings, where I learned there is more to wine and tequila than just drinking it. The bonus? You learn to drink tequila like an adult: a small fork, cut up limes, salt to dip and then a sip of tequila—not your twenty-one-year old’s tequila shot.

Spa Avania

Spa Avania was our tranquil escape within the resort. With a mineral pool, hot and cold plunge pools, salt room, sauna and relaxation areas, the facial felt like a bonus. With so much of the spa located outside and access to the individual treatment rooms right off the patio, I had the feeling of being in a tropical oasis. And my skin welcomed the HydraFacial after a week of Arizona sun exposure.

Water Playground

Hyatt Waterslide, fun with or without kids Photo Codi Darnell

Hyatt Waterslide, fun with or without kids Photo Codi Darnell

With ten pools to choose from, our most difficult pool-time decision was figuring out which one we wanted to utilise. Whether you’re a sandy beach, adults-only or more of an I don’t care as long as the sun hits me kind of person, this water playground has you covered. And if you thought it was necessary to have children with you to enjoy the three-story waterslide, my husband would have to disagree—and I would then tell you it’s ok to not do everything together on a couple’s getaway.

Our vacation to Scottsdale was the escape this mom and dad needed. From private and peaceful at the Four Seasons to lively and pristine at the Hyatt, there was something to enjoy at every turn. The demands of parenting will wait for you at home—but it feels so much easier to face them after a getaway to Scottsdale and an Arizona tan.

Look Ma, no Kids! Photo Codi Darnell Photo Codi Darnell

Look Ma, no Kids! Photo Codi Darnell Photo Codi Darnell