Healthy snacks delivered to your door with Snackbox!

I got a lovely surprise yesterday; a box full of nummy treats delivered right to my door, arriving just in time for me to indulge in some cold weather comfort eating. Who will deliver snacks you ask? Snackbox, that’s who!

snackbox squirrels

Snackbox is a new monthly subscription service that ships a care package of premium, all-natural, and delectable snacks right to your home. Have you ever looked at packages of snacks at the store and wondered what to try that won’t taste like cardboard? Well now you don’t have to worry. Snackbox weeds out the bad and sends you the tasty so it’s a terrific way to try out new treats before you commit to a larger package.

Each month’s shipment contains snacks that are tasty, made with natural ingredients and have few (if any) preservatives; if a product has a bunch of ingredients you can’t pronounce, it won’t make the cut. For example this month my Snackbox included Pirates Booty, a snack of rice and corn puffs made with aged white cheddar that is a healthier version of popcorn twists. They were awesome and I love me some popcorn twists! Ingredients? Corn meal, rice, oil aged cheddar and black pepper. That’s it!

Snackbox subscriptions are available 1, 3 or 6 month increments so you can try as much or as little as you want. And Snackbox is an excellent gift idea! I have a few people on my list who don’t need material things but man do they love to eat! Gift subscriptions also come in 1, 3 & 6 month packages but without recurring billing like a regular subscription. I know I love getting surprises in the mail that aren’t a bill!

Snackbox Healthy Snacks

Of the 11 items in my Snackbox, I’m already familiar with 2 so I had 9 new-to-me treats! And the handy card with the cute squirrel showed my where to buy them and how much they’d cost!

Intrigued? Snackbox is offering Family Fun Canada Readers $15 off their first Snackbox! Offer is valid only for first time customers in Canada and expires 12/31/2013.

Snackbox Coupon Code

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