Kooza Trickster

Today we offer a little something different. Our blog has been co-written by one of the Family Fun Calgary Dad’s 🙂

First, Melissa’s husband Justin gives us his perspective of the show:

I have seen three Cirque shows in Calgary. My view of Cirque du Soleil is that they keep upping the ante; bigger shows, crazier images, more elaborate ideas. Where does it end?

Then came Kooza.
This is Cirque after doing P90X.

voula: whoa, wait a minute Justin, what the heck is P90X?

justin: Oh Voula, haven’t you heard? It’s a a killer home exercise system like “Get Ripped” by Jari Love

voula: ah ok, carry on 🙂

Kooza is a lean, trim, stunning show that brings the circus back to Cirque.

When I wasn’t brushing tears of laughter from my eyes, they were wide as saucers watching unbelievable and sometimes gut wrenching performances from the most talented people alive. Some acts made me squirm in my seat, holding my breath as the performer contorted, leapt, balanced and spun.Kooza Ladder of Chairs

I have never been a huge fan of clowns since an early childhood experience (unbelievable understatement), so when I heard that Kooza returned Cirque to its roots of clowning and circus I was a little apprehensive. How could I ever have doubted them? These clowns aren’t the stuff of children’s birthday parties; these are clowns with a bit more edge. These clowns are a little racy and they get the crowd involved with hilarious antics and risque little jokes. I haven’t laughed this hard in a long, long time. They are a necessary part of the show; they help return your heart rate to near normal levels in between the unbelievable acrobatic performances.

For me, the best part of Cirque is this: No matter how high your expectations have become, no matter what you have seen before, Cirque still manages to blow your mind. It happened during every act. I would think to myself, “How can they possibly top this?” Then the performance would be cranked up to eleven, and I would smile and realize that this is no ordinary performance and no ordinary world. This is Cirque.

Thanks Justin!  And now for Voula’s perspective:

I’d like to offer my thoughts about Kooza as a newbie to Cirque. It was visually spectacular, the story was simple to follow, and the athleticism and acrobatics will blow your mind. I am still in awe of the contortionists and the ring of death

Kooza Ladder of ChairsI’ve seen snippets of Cirque on TV and thought “meh, that’s kind of cool” but it simply does not compare to the live performance. Seeing the high wire act on TV is very detached – you know they aren’t going to fall. Watching it unfold live, maybe 50 feet in front of you and seeing just how tenuous their footing and balance can be, is altogether different. Even my husband, who eschews the melodramatic element of Cirque thought the show itself was well done, extremely entertaining and simply a lot of fun.

Now here is the big question; would the kids like it? Well, I would probably take my 5 year old daughter to Kooza, but I wouldn’t take my wriggly 3 year old son. My daughter likes drama and acrobatics, and I know she can sit still through the over 2 hour long show (plus 30 minute intermission). However, I also know that she would be afraid of the skeleton costumes at the beginning of the second act and that the clowns jokes were borderline for her sensibilities. I was quite amused by the 12ish year old girls behind us who were having an absolutely fabulous time. They squealed and shrieked and oohed and awed throughout the whole performance. Their enthusiasm was very infectious. It is definitely a show that teens, tweens and such would love.

If you can, you should take your family to this incredible show!

Kooza runs under the Grand Chapiteau at Stampede Park until October 24th. Don’t miss it!


Voula (and Justin!)
September 20, 2010