I have been thinking a lot lately about working out. I think about how keeping up with my kids when they were toddlers was hard but now that they’re school age kids, they run faster and longer.  I think about what kind of example I’m setting for them when I’m active in the summer but lazy as heck the rest of the year. And I think of the extra pounds that have crept up on me over the last year.

Unfortunately I do a lot of thinking and not a lot of doing.

Sound familiar?

But just after Christmas, when the month of eating, drinking and visiting ended, I made a conscious decision to better organize my time so that working out 3 times per week becomes a higher priority.

I’ll spare you the boredom of looking at my schedule, but suffice it to say I rearranged a few things to take advantage of when I am feeling most motivated and energetic.

I decided to use that energy to get work done so that I have no excuses not to work out. It seemed counterproductive at first but it did the trick. Some days I will work out after I drop the kids off, and others I will hit the gym after my housework and home working are done. So far so good!

And for those days when it’s just really not going to happen I can do one of the following:

  • A quick at home workout like this one form the Fit Housewife. She is very passionate about personal wellness and has lots of great tips on her blog The Fit Housewife
  • Take advantage of moving video games with my kids. So that Wii that was gathering dust is coming out again and I can do Wii Fit or Sports or “Just Dance” with the kids.  Anything that isn’t sitting on my rear end or eating chocolate is an improvement in my books!
  • An at home work out video
  • Quick exercises during commercials; push ups, jumping jacks, sit ups, a plank, yoga poses, something more than just sitting.

I’m not looking to be the buffest, fittest mom out there, I just want to feel healthier all around. I think these smalll changes will help.

What changes can you implement to make family fitness a priority? Share them with us!