Christmas is less than a week away and we are certain that there are many people out there like us that still have Christmas shopping to do! Like our list of Favourite Things of 2012 for Kids, here are some of the things that we love or would love to get under the tree or in our stockings.


Gratiae is a luxury, organic skin care line. My fave is the body scrub which exfoliates and cleanses the skin, followed by the luscious body butter. It’s a great way to treat your skin between spa visits. – Melissa

Top Box:


I’ve had Topbox for several months and I lurv it! For $12 a month I get 4-5 generous sized samples of great brands of skin care, hair products and cosmetics delivered to my door each month.  I’ve liked every single product that I’ve gotten which really surprised me because many of them are products I would probably never consider.  And it’s like getting a present every month! – Voula

Long sweaters and Leggings

I like being warm so my favorite winter clothing is long sweaters with leggings and boots.  I love how comfy the leggings are and then paired with a long sweater and boots they look so chic, yet I’m warm and cozy. American Apparel has good quality leggings and I’ve seen some great sweaters at Aritza and online at – Voula

Micro Plane Grater:microplane graters

I love it for fine chocolate shavings, fresh nutmeg or cinnamon on top of coffee, Parmesan cheese, and nothing beats it for zesting citrus fruit. Fresh zest makes everything taste better! I use my micro plane grater a lot more than I ever imagined. – Voula



I used to go through cases and cases of soda water. Why, you might ask, do you drink so much soda water? My kids love their juice and being a vigilant mom concerned about their teeth, I  have always watered down their juice. When I started using soda water my kids thought they were getting a major treat. They call it their “juice pop”. I also like to top up my Moscato white wine with a little bubbly. When I found out there was a machine that can convert my tap water into fizzy water, I knew I had to have one. Sodastream also makes their own line of fruit and cola flavours you can add to the water to make your own soft drinks at home. – Melissa



This is one of my favorite things for a few reasons. Number one, it’s an inexpensive treat at only $7.99 per month. There are hundreds of tv shows and movies at my disposal on my laptop, television (with Apple TV or video game console), tablet or phone. It also buys me some extra sleep in the morning. My kids wake up at the crack of dawn but are happy to snuggle into mom and dad and watch Dora the Explorer on our iPhones while we continue to snooze. – Melissa

French Press:

frieling french press

I didn’t drink coffee regularly until after I had my first child. Then I drank any old coffee indiscriminately until a few years ago when I tried Phil and Sebastian’s. That’s when I was converted to really good coffee. I am not a fanatical, over the top coffee purist, but I love smell of fresh ground beans, and the fuller flavour that comes from a french press. My husband bought me this insulated one a few years ago for my birthday and it brews 2 perfect cups. – Voula

Fancy Tea


I also loooove a good cup of tea. Sometimes I just have a cup of tea, but there are days when only fancy tea in a real teapot will do. And tea accoutrements make for a great gift! Gather up a beautiful cup or a lovely pot and some loose leaf tea and you have a lovely, thoughtful gift. DAVIDsTEA is a great place to start, although there are other wonderful local tea shops cropping up everywhere. – Voula

Have a Merry Christmas!