Owl Moon (by Jane Yolen; illustrated by John Schoenherr) is beautifully haunting.  For whatever reason we have classified this story as part of our Christmas collection.  There is something about the story’s gentle, peaceful magic that conjures the image of a simply, idyllic Christmas Eve.

“The moon was high above us.  It seemed to fit exactly over the center of the clearing and the snow below it was whiter than the milk in a cereal bowl.”  The entire story is comprised of beautiful imagery.  Jane Yolen completely transports you to the bitterly cold, snow-covered world of her story.

The story is a lovely tale of a little girl and her father out owling – looking to see the perfect owl.  It is a family tradition for which the little girl has been waiting years to be able to participate.  The story reveals in the appreciation and love of simplicity and nature.

Our little boys are big fans of this story; it is also a favourite gift for us to give.  Owl Moon is a classic and award winner (The Caldecott Medal).  You will thoroughly enjoy reading this beautiful tale to your children.