Technology is supposed to make our life easier right? We have the sum knowledge of the world at our fingertips through a smartphone and with this magical device we can figure out how to change a tire, make a soufflé, or soothe a crying child by letting them watch cat videos.

Until the battery dies.

Then its game over and we’re thrust back into the dark ages of the 90’s.

So what do you do when you’re traveling and you need juice? Fortunately there are lots of options for portable power and recharging.

Always have a backup power cable! How many times have you been somewhere and can’t find your car charger? Or your wall charger has been usurped by a pesky spouse charging their Blackberry? Invest in extra cables just for you and you can charge at will!

Say you’re in your car and your phone needs to be charged. Thanks to your handy dandy spare cable, that’s no problem. But then the iPod dies. And the DS needs to be recharged. Newer vehicles have multiple outlets, but for those driving older models, a 12 volt power strip can accommodate 3 devices out of one car outlet allowing you to power multiple devices.

12 volt power strip


Add a mega long cable like this one from and you have blissful peace and quiet all the way to the back of the minivan.


Think Geek 10 foot iDevice cable

Also useful for power in the car (or an RV), is a Portable Power Inverter . This little device converts power from a car battery to household allowing you to use a wall plug. Awesome for long car trips if you want to charge a laptop or camera.


power invertor


Flying instead of driving? Sadly, a power plug is rarely an option in flight, but now there are these fabulous Portable Battery Charger . Slightly wider than a cell phone, these rechargeable batteries contain enough extra charge to keep you going. Mine can charge 4 devices or 1 tablet before it needs to be recharged.


portable battery


Can’t find an empty outlet? Bring a Power Strip for instant extra outlets – in airports, there is always a huddle of people around the outlets in a waiting lounge. Whip a power bar or extension cord out of your bag and you’ll be the most popular, envied person there. You’ll also find it helpful in hotel rooms or guest rooms where outlets always seem to be at a premium. Charge handheld devices, cell phones, camera batteries and laptops all at once!


power bar


Splitters are your friend. I use a Dual USB Wall Charger to charge 2 devices at once. It’s great for travel because it’s one less item to remember and since any USB cable will work in this wall charger I can charge iOS and Android devices at the same time.


multi usb wall charger


Bonus: While not a way to power your devices, a Headphone Splitter Cable is a sanity saver nonetheless. When 2 kids want to watch something on the same device and you’d rather not listen them fight over sharing a set of ear buds, a headphone splitter is genius! With this lovely and inexpensive cord, they can each have their own set and you can go back to sweet sweet silence!


headphone splitter