Our family enjoys campfires year-round in our backyard fire pit and at various campgrounds in the summertime. I love the smell, the sound, and the way sparks dance before they disappear. Regardless of where I am, a good campfire must always include one thing: food. Preferably marshmallows, sandwiched between chocolate and graham crackers. Otherwise known as the s’more, the simple and delicious holy-grail of campfire roasting. Beyond the well-known camping staples like hot dogs, there are plenty of other things that we can cook over the fire with nothing else but a simple roasting stick. Whether you’re new to owning a backyard pit or planning for upcoming camping trips, you’ll want to try these simple campfire recipes on a stick this summer!

Campfire Recipes on a stick

Marshmallows are a food group when camping, right?!


Every good day starts with bacon. Enjoy a smoky, crispy piece fresh off the fire in the morning, or have it as a late-night snack. When camping, there are no food rules (or so I tell myself.) This one really couldn’t be simpler or more delicious. Skewer your bacon in an accordion fashion and roast until you reach optimal crispness. Of course, this is personal preference, but that moment right before it burns and falls off is perfection.


There’s magic that happens to pineapple when it’s grilled or roasted. If you know, you know. Sprinkle your chunks of pineapple with cinnamon before roasting to add an extra layer of delight. For the best start to your morning, roast your bacon and pineapple at the same time on a two-pronged roasting stick!

Cinnamon Roll Twists

This one is a little more effort but completely worth it. Use pre-made cinnamon roll dough from the grocery store (the kind that comes in a tube), roll it into thin ropes, and twist around your roasting sticks. We used these directions from Taste of Home to guide us on our first attempt, and they turned out great.

Re-Invented S’mores

Ditch the plain chocolate and graham crackers to create your own unique version. Oreo cookies, chocolate chip cookies, or chocolate-covered wafers all make great substitutes for your outside layers. Switch out the plain chocolate for any variety of mini chocolate bar. Our favourites to use are cookies & cream and Caramilk bars, which I always pillage from their Halloween bags and save for this purpose.

Backyard Campfire Fun

Backyard campfires and awkward smiles for the win!

Don’t own a roasting stick? They are easy to find at stores like Walmart or Canadian Tire or Outdoor Adventure stores like Cabelas. As kids, we used to fashion our own roasting sticks out of wire coat hangers and those worked just fine as well. Make some memories outside this summer with people you love, and enjoy trying out these fun campfire recipes on a stick together!