Father’s Day

Got Dad? Spend an Active and Fun Father’s Day with your Pop!

Father’s Day should be that special day where Dad is singled out and thanked for his hard work. Serious… It’s not easy being the right-hand-man to mom. So to show him his efforts are appreciated, why not spend the day doing what he likes to do. Dad the Coach Father’s Day
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Fathers day hiking
A Father’s Day Hike at Lake O’Hara Lodge

After years of planning exhilarating hikes with my dad — from Nepal’s three-week-long Annapurna Circuit to the 11 km trek into Alberta’s Skoki Lodge — I have one bit of advice: Sometimes it pays to leave it to the experts. While typically I do embrace the DIY getaway, those trips
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Give him the Father’s Day he really wants (It’s less work than you think!)

I don’t remember a lot about how we celebrated Father’s Day when I was younger. I feel kind of bad for my lack of memories regarding the specifics, but in my defense, I was (am?) self-absorbed. I hope we always made my dad feel special. In his line of work,
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home made spare change holder
5 Gift Ideas for Father’s Day #GiftCardForDad

What do dads want for Father’s Day? In an informal survey of real life dads, the overwhelming answer was sex. Although to be fair some said cake/pie and sex. Suffice it to say desserts of all sorts are appreciated by dads everywhere. But what can the KIDS get the dads?
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Screwdriver FAQ
Why We Love our Dads

Father’s day is approaching quickly and we wanted to share all the great reasons why the dads in our life (Our fathers, fathers in law and husbands)are awesome: He is reading the Harry Potter series out loud to the kids every night. They are on book 6. He taught me
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