Father’s day is approaching quickly and we wanted to share all the great reasons why the dads in our life (Our fathers, fathers in law and husbands)are awesome:

  • He is reading the Harry Potter series out loud to the kids every night. They are on book 6.
  • He taught me the difference between a Philips and a Robertson screwdriver

Screwdriver FAQ

  • He drove 500 km to help us out when the alternator tanked
  • He taught me building your own car is bad ass enough to make up for the fact that the hood is a different color than the frame which is a different color than the doors.
  • Mommy doesn’t do wrestling; daddy does.
  • He encourages mom to put chocolate sprinkles AND Oreos on our ice cream
  • This book; it’s going to make all the moms in the neighborhood hate us while the dads make excuses to come over and help with the build

backyard ballistics

  • The Bank of Dad has never charged interest
  • Similarly, dad never asked for the change, only the paper money.
  • Dad is good at calling off Mom when she overreacts at/to the kids.
  • He never says I don’t call enough. He is just happy to hear my voice, and I am happy to hear his.
  • Dancing around the house to loud country music, he will always twirl her until she squeals.
  • After meeting with the Principal to discuss a practical joke, he laughed at the ingenuity and declined to punish.

Happy Father’s Day to our favourite Dads. Thanks for being you, doing what you do and being there for us when we’re brats.