The Theory of Tr-avel Relativity
The Theory of Travel Relativity

If you didn’t horrible flunk out of high school physics like I did (I was always better with Shakespeare than the science of space and time), you probably studied Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. I still have no idea what it actually means, but since I love words, I came up
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What Fresh Hell is this? 5 Ways to Make Camping Worse Than it Already is

An astute reader may guess from the title that I am not much of a camper. It’s hilarious that I married a former infantryman and committed outdoor enthusiast because I am so not. His idea of camping was lugging your kit in to some remote locale complete with a dig-your-own latrine.
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When Kids go Wild, Mom goes Picture Happy

Can my camera make me a better parent? When I picture myself as the ideal parent, I don’t just see perfectly obedient children. Oh no. What I see in that magical world of make-believe is me responding with patience and good humour to my family’s foibles and idiosyncrasies.  Other moms
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Mother’s Day: Everything I Hoped for but Nothing I Expected

I remember asking my parents as a young child when Kids’ Day was. I knew we had special days set aside to celebrate mom and dad on so it only made sense they would want an occasion to recognize this magical, joyous creature they had brought into the world. They
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Tamara running 5 KM at 37 weeks
Six Pregnancy Truths

By Tamara Schroeder Early in my first pregnancy, my husband found me sobbing on our bed when I was supposed to be taking a nap. He asked what was wrong, and I thrust a magazine article I’d been reading toward him, in which the uncommon side effects some women may
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Black Friday shopping tips for Canadians
Navigating Black Friday for Canadian Families

By Tamara Schroeder Black Friday: a day appropriately named for the sense of dread it inspires in my husband when he realizes someone created another occasion for the sole purpose of shopping and spending our hard-earned money. In actuality, it’s the day after U.S. Thanksgiving and unofficially kicks off the
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Dot in Larryland
Laugh out loud books for children, tweens, and more

Do your kids have a case of the back-to-school blues? Cold winter weather bringing you down? Now may be the perfect time to cheer up with a laugh out loud book. These quality books are not only clever and well written, but are just downright funny! AGES 3 AND UP:
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