Lake Louise

Sunshine Coast Highway in BC
3 Dazzling Resorts on BC’s Sunshine Coast!

With blazing sunshine warming us, deep blue ocean waters welcoming us and lush green forests enveloping us, our recent adventure on the Sunshine Coast left us wanting much more! Fortunately there are an unending number of choices in accommodations for all tastes and budgets including some of the most extraordinary
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Scary Heights and Spooky Sites in Banff National Park

My husband stared at me the way one might look at a dangerous and unstable person. All I had said was “I hope our vacation is relaxing.” I received the look from the other side of our bedroom which was strewn with piles of clothes, books and toys I was
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Director of Pet Relations
A Pet Away from Home|Directors of Hotel P.R. (Pet Relations)

There is a magnet hanging on the fridge in the kitchen in the house of people I love that says “A house is not a home without a cat.” As an avowed dog person, I prefer my pet hair spread uniformly throughout the house rather than coughed up in balls.
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Best Beginner Slopes for Family Fun

Skiing and snowboarding are great fun for the entire family but before the black diamond trails called Barely Legal, Parachute and Unnecessary Roughness are considered as a family outing, maybe tamer runs like Gentle Giant, Squirrel or Happy Valley should be under the boards. By finding those resorts with tamer
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Where do you take your Out of Towners, Calgary?

Whether you grew up in Calgary, or moved here more recently, chances are you have friends and family in other parts of Canada (or beyond!) who are eager to visit. Naturally, they want to spend time reconnecting with you, but I bet they’re also excited to explore this fantastic city.
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SnowDays Banff
Embracing Winter at SnowDays

If you were to look at my browser history -and I don’t know why you would, you nosy parker- in addition to “cleaning marker from drapes” and “life with a two year old” you would find searches like “Costa Rica real estate” “Mexican long stay visa” and “best remedies for
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Fathers day hiking
A Father’s Day Hike at Lake O’Hara Lodge

After years of planning exhilarating hikes with my dad — from Nepal’s three-week-long Annapurna Circuit to the 11 km trek into Alberta’s Skoki Lodge — I have one bit of advice: Sometimes it pays to leave it to the experts. While typically I do embrace the DIY getaway, those trips
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The Best Family Friendly Mountains in Canada

Written in collaboration with The leaves are still changing colour, but it’s not too early to begin planning your next winter ski holiday at one of Canada’s fantastic ski resorts. Here are some of the best family-friendly mountains in Canada. Whistler Blackcomb The biggest ski resort in Canada has
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Travel Tips from the travel pros
Travel Tips from the Travel Pros!

Whether you travel weekly, annually or bi-centennially, you have certain coping techniques and travel tips for dealing with life on the road. We asked some of our contributing travel writers, gals who have trekked all around the world and back, to spill their fave travel secrets, from the best place
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5 BEST winter festivals in canada
In a Country known for Cold, here are the Best Winter Festivals in Canada

The typical Canadian winter is not for the faint of heart, but that doesn’t mean Canadians are the hibernating type. We’re just as likely to get our party on, outdoors, when the temperature plummets rather than soars. There are hundreds of winter festivals and events in the dead of winter
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