Packing tips

Packing for Tenting (Family Fun Canada)
Have Tent, Will Travel: How to Pack When Car Camping

Originally published April 26, 2021 “Start hauling stuff out of the van, we need to find the tent first.” “No, I don’t know where the flashlights are!” “Where is groundsheet?” “I’m starving – has anyone seen the plates?” Ah, the sounds of making memories… Camping season is just around the corner
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The Two Types of Travellers (And How they Voyage Together Without Killing Each Other)

Picture two travellers in the days before leaving on a trip. This may be a journey backpacking in the Andes, a month in Europe, a weekend in Vegas or camping for the long weekend, it doesn’t matter. But let’s say they’re packing. One creates a detailed list, makes sure everything
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What's in Your Kid's Day Bag? (Family Fun Canada)
Snacks, Drinks, and a Special Rock – What’s in Your Kid’s Day Bag?

When I was pregnant with my first child, I couldn’t wait to not be pregnant. I wanted to feel light and free . . . or at least be able to put the baby down and feel unencumbered again. Isn’t that sweet? Then the baby came and my little peanut apparently required
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Travelling Light? Just Carry-On

I recall the trip I was on when I firmly decided it was carry-on luggage only from then onward. I was flying to Milwaukee out of Toronto’s Air Canada terminal 1. I arrived the prescribed 2 hours ahead with one suitcase to check. Piece of cake, right? Not so. The
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Travel Smarter Luggage Care, Packing Hacks and Jet Lag Cures from the Pros
Travel Smarter: Luggage Care, Packing Hacks and Jet Lag Cures from the Pros

It’s that time of year. Business travel becomes hectic. Family holidays loom. A Mama’s weekend away is a must have. Whether you’re a boss lady biz traveler or young family looking to cross an ocean, there are a myriad of ways to travel smarter. Recently I was looking for some travel
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