Roller Coaster

Natonal roller coaster day feature mako coaster florida
5 Sweet Florida Rides to try on National Roller Coaster Day!

Did you know August 16 is National Roller Coaster Day? Why not have a day for the funnest, most thrill seekiest rides at amusement parks everywhere? When TripAdvisor named their top 10 Best Amusement parks in the world, parks in Central Florida were front and centre on that list with
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Mr. Tayto and my family Tayto Park in Dublin by Helen Earley
In Ireland, Visit This Unbelievable Amusement Park Devoted to the Potato Chip

In the days before you could get everything anywhere, Tayto crisps were a home comfort that Irish people living abroad would crave. In the 1990’s pub-owners in London would bring back cases to serve in London’s Irish pubs, and if you asked a young Irish person living New York which
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