South Shore

There's More to Peggy's Cove Than a Lighthouse: The Oceanstone Resort is a great base for off-season travels on Nova Scotia's South Shore
There’s More to Peggy’s Cove Than a Lighthouse: Off-Season Adventures on Nova Scotia’s South Shore

For  Nova Scotians, the landscape at Peggy’s Cove is our proudest portfolio, one of our best works. The palette of sparkling granite rocks, dark water and blue sky is undeniably Maritime, a morning spent leaping and bounding over the gigantic glacial boulders, exhilarating. Depending on the season and the weather,
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The Mystery of Oak Island
The Mystery of Oak Island: Treasure Hunting on Nova Scotia’s South Shore

“Look Mum, I think I found something!” My daughter solemnly holds up the remnants of an iron grate that she has found during our walk along the marina at the Atlantica Oak Island Resort and Conference Centre, a family hotel overlooking the famous Oak Island just outside Nova Scotia’s Mahone Bay. Her “rare
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