Rose Hall – Great House – Adán Cano Cabrera. The construction of Rose Hall Great House began in 1750.
Ghostly Thrills Await at the Rose Hall Great House Tour

Today, the grounds of the former Rose Hall plantation, a seaside stretch of land on the outskirts of Montego Bay, boasts world-class golf courses and five-star resorts. Yet if there is anywhere in Jamaica that’s still haunted by the ghosts of its past, it is here. The Rose Hall Great
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Falmouth Food Tour Jamaica
Touring Jamaica 3 Can’t-Miss Tours and Attractions

The island of Jamaica is 10,991 km² packed with dazzling natural beauty and significant history. A visit to this splendid emerald isle wouldn’t be complete without experiencing some of that history and beauty first hand. While some people like nothing more than to rot on the beach with a good
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Atlantis Cruises Whale Watching Hawaii Whale Breaching Credit Heather Del Carlo
Have A Whale Adventure in Hawaii!

Canadians aren’t the only ones wanting to head to warmer climes when the weather turns cold. Thousands of humpback whales will soon make their journey from the chilly North Pacific to Hawaii’s warm waters to nurse their new calves and breed. Visitors to Honolulu have a new way to view
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Feature Exploring Glasgow With Teens and Tweens - Glasgow Discover Scotland day trip Inverary Castle - Photo Shelley Cameron McCarron
Exploring Bonnie Glasgow With Teens and Tweens

Freshly deposited in Glasgow, Scotland’s biggest city at 1.2 million people, my youngest child is surprisingly enthusiastic: about shopping. And I can’t blame the tween fashionista. I’m hooked too as our family of five wheels our suitcases down the teeming sidewalks from Glasgow Queen Street train station to our hotel,
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