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Europe Out Of Reach? Anise Liquors are the Taste of Summer on the Continent

I find myself drawn to books about summer in Europe this year, a year in which travelling to Europe seems as foreign as the continent itself. Hotel Pastis by Peter Mayle captured my fancy as the protagonist began to appreciate the ubiquitous pastis enjoyed by his Provencal counterparts. Soon, fascinated
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10 Best Canadian Travel Guide Books to Read in 2021

Travel experts predict that 2022 is going to be the year of “comeback travel,” which means that 2021 is the year to stay local, and plan your next Canadian vacation! From West to East, we’ve collected 10 of the best new and updated Canadian travel guide books to help you
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Bare Necessities of Planning Your Disneyland Vacation
The Ultimate Guide to Disneyland: I’ll Never Grow Up! The Bare Necessities of Planning Your Disneyland Vacation

If you’re planning a dream trip to the happiest place on earth you have to get the ultimate guide to Disneyland a new book by our resident travel professional extraordinaire and Disney expert Renee Tsang.

Why LA? Pourquoi Paris? The Perfect Gift for Travel Junkies {Giveaway}

I’m a self-proclaimed travel addict. If I’m not planning a vacation or coming home from a holiday, I am reading about far away places. I have piles of guidebooks from past trips and stacks of brochures of dream destinations. I also love to read anything travel related whether it’s literary
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5 Great Travel Books
Read to Inspire Adventure! Here Are 5 Books That Will Take You Around the World!

In a perfect world, we could hop on a plane and explore the globe whenever we wanted to. The reality for most Canadians is much different so thankfully when plane tickets are out of reach, the bookstore is close at hand. Here are some unconventional reads that will have you
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