Why LA Pourquoi Paris

I’m a self-proclaimed travel addict. If I’m not planning a vacation or coming home from a holiday, I am reading about far away places. I have piles of guidebooks from past trips and stacks of brochures of dream destinations. I also love to read anything travel related whether it’s literary travel classics or beachy travel magazines.

And now I have one more book to add to my collection, Why LA? Pourquoi Paris? Written by Diane Ratican and illustrated by acclaimed artists Eric Giriat (Paris) and Nick Lu (Los Angeles), this book is different from anything on my bookshelf.

Why LA? Pourquoi Paris? is part memoir, travel guide, and art collection all in one beautifully illustrated masterpiece. The author, Diane Ratican, lives in Los Angeles and owns a fashion import/export business and has spent a considerable amount of time in France for her work. She considers Paris her second home.

Why LA? Pourquoi Paris?

Why LA? Pourquoi Paris? compares and contrasts historical landmarks, street fashion and cultural quirks in both English and French. Being a francophile, I loved that the book is written in both languages.

Paris and Los Angeles house some of the most iconic architectural wonders. Think the Paris Opera House and the Hollywood Bowl. Why LA? Pourquoi Paris? connects the cultural dots comparing California beaches to Paris plages and contrasts surf culture with the ballet.

Why LA? Pourquoi Paris?

Sage advice from Marilyn Monroe, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world” as well as other quotes from famous LA and Paris residents including Walt Disney, Jim Morrison, Coco Chanel and Ernest Hemingway are littered throughout the pages.

Why LA? Pourquoi Paris? is the perfect book to flip through while sipping a cappuccino and savouring a croissant if you are feeling particularly French or if LA living is more your style, while sipping a green smoothie and crunching on kale chips.

Why LA? Pourquoi Paris?

Pick up a copy of Why LA? Pourquoi Paris? for the perfect gift for the traveller in your life.

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