Winter Activities

Tips to Enjoy Safe Family Skating on Canada’s Natural Lakes & Ponds

Originally published February 10, 2021 I have early memories of my parents strapping BOB Skates onto my bulky winter boots, and letting me shuffle around with my siblings on a natural lake in Southern Alberta. The sense of wonder and freedom I felt at the wide-open space still remains with
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Radium Hot Springs (Family Fun Canada)
Radium Hot Springs: Family Escapes and Winter Adventures

Before you travel, be sure to check existing travel guidelines and restrictions for the area and visit responsibly. Sure, I like adventures. But I also like a warm shower and hot coffee. I like a good night’s sleep that includes pillows and blankets. Travelling with kids is an adventure in
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FFC-Snow-angel -Photo Jennifer Morton
Snow Time: A Wintry Guide for First-Timers in the Snow!

Seeing and playing in the snow for the first time is a thrilling and fun experience. And skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, tubing, making snowmen, and having snowball fights are favourite and playful ways to make the most of your snow holiday. In this post, we share some tips and best
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Outdoor fire at HI Kananaskis Hostel - Photo Credit Tanya Koob
Plan a Family Overnight Kananaskis Winter Getaway

My family has taken an annual pre-Christmas Kananaskis Winter Getaway getaway for the last several years, and we always enjoy spending a couple of days with friends playing in the snow, skiing, hiking, and taking a break from the business of the holiday season. Later in the season we also enjoy
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Canada's North - Inukshuk at Cameron Falls - Photo: JS Dinham
Canada’s North: Your Adventure Awaits, Get Ready to Explore!

I remember the day like it was yesterday. It was cold, even by Yellowknife standards, the kind of cold that will take your breath away, but I had quickly learned that when you step outside at -40 C, breathe shallowly, through your nose. Only rookies take that deep breath that
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How to Have A Non Ski Ski Holiday
How to Have a Non Ski, Ski Holiday in Fernie, BC (Read On, I’ll Explain!)

What if I told you this winter my family decided to go on a family ski trip, sans ski? Would you look at me like I’d lost my balaclava? Better yet, what if I told you, we had an absolute blast doing anything and everything except skiing. Nothing against skiing
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Canada 150 Rink in Ottawa - Photo Credit Sabrina Pirillo
A Magical Winter Wonderland in Ottawa

Sometimes we take for granted the beauty in our own backyard, and let’s be honest, Canada has a pretty incredible playground, with our national capital, Ottawa, at the helm. During the winter months, Ottawa turns into a magical winter wonderland, offering many activities and festivals that are fitting for any
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winter holiday in Banff
7 Family-Friendly Adventures for Your Winter Holiday in Banff and Lake Louise

Craving a mountain getaway this winter? Think cozy log cabins with alpine vistas and delicious food and craft beer served by the fire after a day of skiing on powdery slopes. Think snow-capped peaks, hot tubs, fresh mountain air, and the feel of the wind on your face as you
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5 Tips for Winning the Winnipeg Winter

The swish, swish, swish of snow pant clad thighs rubbing against each other is almost lost in the sound of my increasingly laboured breaths. The deluded thought that I should have joined the novice group of snow-shoers instead of the beginner group I am a part of condense and freeze in
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Quebec City's Amazing Ice Hotel
6 Secrets of Québec City’s Amazing Ice Hotel

Québec City’s Ice Hotel has a few hidden secrets. For example, do you know that you can get married there? Each winter , dozens of couples from as far and wide as Dubai and Australia tie the knot in the chapel. Below are some other interesting tidbits that we discovered at
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