The Christmas Magic (author: Lauren Thompson; pictures: Jon J Muth) is a beloved part of our Christmas bedtime routine.  I’m sure we are no different than many families in having treasures tucked away in the basement awaiting re-discovery each year at Christmas.  The Christmas Magic is a delight each and every year.  When I read the story to our boys I desperately wish I had a fabulous storytelling voice; this book deserves a great out-loud-reading voice.

The pictures are magical in their simplicity; the North Pole cold pours off the page while you admire the quiet, peaceful life Santa lives 364 days a year.  The story leads the reader through Santa’s preparations for the big night: grooming the reindeer, polishing his sleigh, darning his socks, buffing his boots, checking his list, packing his sac, and waiting for the Christmas magic to arrive, “the kind of magic that makes reindeer fly”.

A truly charming book that is a must for your holiday reading each and every year.