Confession time: I’ve recently taken up running.

While you won’t find me running marathons anytime soon (or probably ever) I can now run more than a block without feeling out of breath! Sadly that is a major accomplishment because I’ve never been able to run very far without feeling like I was going to vomit. But I’ve set a goal to fully run 5 KM without walking and I’m slowly working away at that. Now that the weather is more pleasant, I’ve taken things outside as opposed to perpetuating the irony of driving to the gym to run on the treadmill. And I’ve quickly discovered that running outside on city streets is an adventure in itself with the traffic, exhaust and pedestrians. Much more pleasant however, is finding a great trail within a local park.

Pathsways in Port Moody

I am super fortunate to live where I do because there are many parks and trails including my favorite which is actually part of the Trans Canada Trail system. So when I have to slow down to catch my breath I can inhale the scents of the inlet and trees while I watch for birds or animals rather than dodging bus exhaust.

Walking & hiking on local trails is also a fun and easy ways to spend time together with your family while getting fresh air and exercise. All you need is a comfortable pair of walking shoes and you have an adventure! Bicycling as a family is also a great way to get out on the trails just somewhat more complicated in terms of equipment; a sturdy bike carrier and proper helmets for the smalls are necessary but kids as young as 4 can usually keep up with (and frequently surpass!) mom or dad on a bike. It’s easy to overlook what is right at our doorstep with so many beautiful local trials at our fingertips. If you were to look up Parks & Pathways on your city/town homepage I suspect you’d find some great trails to explore!

biking with kids

Where is your favorite place to have an Urban Adventure in your hometown?