Two of the hottest kid’s brands right now are Hot Wheels and Monster High, and if you don’t know that, we don’t know where you’ve been hiding!

Find out what the buzz is about September 30th with the Blu-Ray/DVD release of Team Hot Wheels: The Origin of Awesome and Monster High: Freaky Fusion.

Team Hot Wheels: The Origin of AwesomeTeam Hot Wheels: The Origin of Awesome Zoom into the action with Team Hot Wheels! Gage, Wyatt and Rhett are each super -skilled racers. When they work together nothing can stop them! Or can it? When a mysterious black car rips into town, leaving a wicked orange track and strange monsters in its wake, Team Hot Wheels will have to work together to defeat it and save their town!

Monster High: Freaky FusionMonster High: Freaky Fusion
The boo-tiful ghouls of Monster High are back in for a special time travelling movie adventure. While researching their “scareitage” the girls are able to access a time portal that takes them back to the beginning days of their school in New Salem. When the creeptastic Sparky follows them back to the present, it causes a glitch that results in the eight of them being fused into four bodies! Will the ghouls be able to work together to find a way to save the Bitecentential play and stop Sparky from destroying Monster High?