I have tried for ages to institute a ban on stuffed animals. Those fluffy, squishy little critters, they are insidious in their attack; luring my children with their big yearning eyes, soft fur and instant cuddly gratification… Sigh. It’s hopeless.

So now we have a new addition to our giant menagerie of stuffed animals; Trex.

trex cute

Trex is a Brobo who is very cute, very squishy and he has a secret; his tummy is a light. Touch his hand to his tummy and he vibrates with happiness and shines his flashlight for the kids. Touch it again and the light dims to a softer luminescence that is a perfect nightlight. Touch it a third time to turn it off (or wait 5 minutes thanks to the handy dandy timer.)

trex button

I wish I’d had him when the kids were younger! It would have been perfect for when they were afraid of the dark and just needed something to help them transition from the warm glow of the family room to their dark bedrooms. He is going to be awesome when we go camping to light up those sometimes spooky nights!

When he first came home to us, the kids initially fought over him. But to my absolute shock, they soon worked out a joint custody arrangement; one child gets him for the night and into the next day, then the other sibling gets him the next evening. And they keep switching. Little do they know while they’re at school, he keeps me company….


Since Trex is a T Rex, I think my dinosaur obsessed son will end up with full custody and my daughter will just have to chose one of Trex’s friends for her own. I think she’ll adore Pep with her pink bow but there’s also Brobo, Dog and Mumu to love!

trex friends

Brobo dolls are $34.99 online at www.brobo.com. If you’re in Vancouver, Brobo and his friends are available at: Granville Island Toy Company, Play & Learn, Kaboodles, No Pirates Allowed, Toy Jungle, & Village Toy Shop.

Trex the Brobo was provided to my family for review purposes. However the children don’t know that so their reactions and my opinions are totally our own.