My son ascribes to the belief that everything tastes awesome when it comes in a taco format. I wholeheartedly approve. So when we went camping recently with another family, we sat there open mouthed and drooling as they made breakfast one morning. It was a simple concoction of eggs scrambled with chorizo sausage on the griddle and then wrapped in warm corn tortillas with a sprinkle of cilantro, some cubes of avocado and a splash of Salsa Verde. It smelled heavenly and lucky for us they were more than happy to share! It was so simple, so delicious, so easy to make that it doesn’t even require a recipe! You should try it!

This led me to look around the old blogosphere to see what other scrumptious camping meals and treats are out there. Here are 6 stand outs. Some are a little out of the ordinary but others are variations on classics. All of them sound extremely tempting.

Grilled Breakfast Casserole

Grilled Breakfast Casserole

Photo Courtesy Merry About Town

Another breakfast favorite is this baked breakfast in a pan from Merry About Town. I omit the peppers but you can swap them out for another vegetable or add more mushrooms. I also dice potatoes myself rather than use a sack of hash browns mostly because I never remember to buy them but always have potatoes while camping.

Grilled Peroghies Wrapped in Bacon

bacon wrapped peroghies

Photo Courtesy Dinner with Julie

Now anything wrapped in bacon is a winner (says the woman who cooks bacon into her pancakes…) but this dish from Dinner With Julie is extra special nummy. You can use store bought or home made peroghies but to save time, boil them at home and store them in a plastic bag or container until you’re ready to wrap them luscious bacon and grill them to perfection.


Grilled Summer Vegetables:

Summer Vegetable & Fresh Herb Grill great for camping meals and treats!

Hmm, I’m sensing a theme but truly anything that can be grilled is awesome for camping food. These foil wrapped veggies are also a nice way to use vegetables that you might find at the roadside farmers stands.

BBQ Pork & Apple Kabobs

BBQ pork and apple kabobs

At our house, if it’s cooked on a stick, chances are the kids will eat it. Or at the very least, not vocally reject it outright before tasting it. I found this recipe years ago in a magazine and as you can tell from the photo, it’s been used a lot but I was able to track it online at It’s another one that is easy to prepare in stages at home for a quick put-together at the campsite.


S’mores in an Ice Cream Cone

Empty Ice cream Cone Ready for S'mores!

Can you imagine how yummy this would taste filled with warm gooey marshmellows and molten chocolate? I’ve wanted to try this forever but always forget to pack the ice cream cones! I will take it one further and say that these will be way better in a sugar or waffle cone.

Other Alternatives for S’mores:

  • Spread Nutella on cracker instead of chocolate.
  • Use chocolate chip cookies instead of graham crackers and chocolate.
  • Try a Caramilk bar instead of plain chocolate. (I hadn’t lived until I tried this…)

Banana Boats with Maple Whiskey (or maple syrup)

We have a friend who is notorious (yes, notorious not just infamous) for making bizarre drinks with multiple and diverse elements. He will invariably show up at a party with a cooler full of ingredients to make his latest potion which he then tests out on a group of guinea pigs friends. One day while at the liquor store, one of us noticed a cool bottle in the shape of a maple leaf (it was maple flavoured rye whiskey) and we bought it for him to use a version of his signature drink, the “Canadian Equalization Payment 2.5” which is half a glass of Honey Brown Beer with the drop shot of Rye mixed with maple syrup. If you’re thinking this sounds like a bad idea, you may be right…

However the dessert obsessed non-drinking pregnant lady in the group used it to kick up our banana boats a notch since the alcohol burns off leaving behind a faint but delicious flavour. This recipe from Modern Parent Messy Kids is pretty much how we made our banana boats but with one small change: we got small tin containers (like a small cake pan) to hold 4 bananas at a time and contain the yummy sauce from the maple whiskey at the bottom.

Grilling on a stick or in a foil packet is a time honored camping tradition. You can prep at home, pack in foil just before you plop it on the grill, and burn the cooking dish afterwards. Art of Manliness, an intriguingly named blog, offers some great tips on folding, types of foil and other tricks to use with with any of the recipes mentioned here.

Happy eating!