… or “Stalking your Imaginary Boyfriend in London.”

A study in Sherlock


If you love the BBC mini-series Sherlock, waiting until 2016 for season four might kill you. We think it’s perfectly reasonable to go to London in the meantime and binge a little on all things Benedict. I mean Sherlock. Sherlock. I know there is a difference.

Capitalizing on the resurgence of popularity with all things Holmes, the Museum of London is opening their exhibit “Sherlock Holmes: The man who has never lived and will never die” on October 17th, running until April 12, 2015.

After visiting the museum, appetites whetted, give this itinerary of Sherlock shooting locations, suggested by Visit Britain, a shot. You never know what (or who!) you might see.

Obviously you will want to start at 221B Baker Street, one of the most famous literary addresses. Good luck with that as it doesn’t actually exist. A little hike though to 187 North Gower Street will give you a glimpse of the building that stands in for the flat in the series. You may want to grab a Sherlock sandwich at Speedy’s Sandwich Bar and Cafe next door. Apparently you-know-who would have a nosh now and then during filming. It’s kind of like you guys are having lunch together. (Take the Tube: Euston station)

A study in Sherlock 221b Baker Street Plaque in London

Next, make your way to St Bartholomew’s Hospital, where Sherlock and Watson are first introduced, site of numerous conclaves with Molly Hooper, and the roof off which Sherlock took a header at the end of series 2. It is the oldest standing hospital in London…having survived not only World War II but the Great Fire! (Tube: St Paul’s)

London’s Chinatown stars in The Blind Banker (series 1) and you can follow the footsteps of Sherlock and John down Gerrard Street. Sorry, the Lucky Cat Emporium is actually a shop called Glamour and Glitz and is in Wales though. You can take a pic at one of the gates that bracket the street and tuck into some Chinese delights at one of the delicious restaurants that line the way. (Tube: Leicester Square)

Next up, play Moriarty at the Tower of London. Actually, DON’T. Please don’t try to steal the crown jewels. But you can look at them. I’m not going to lie, you probably will run into thousands of other tourists, but not likely Mr Cumberbatch. That’s okay, it is pretty cool to see anyway. (Tube: Tower Hill)

For further suggestions, an exhaustive list of filming locations can be found on The BBC’s Sherlockology website.

The game is afoot! Please give our regards to whomever you may see!