Babymoons are a hot new travel trend for Canadian parents but what exactly are they and what do you do?

What is a babymoon?

A babymoon is a chance for expecting mothers and fathers to get away, refresh and relax before the ‘storm’ of a new baby. A babymoon can be anything from an extended week away to a weekend jaunt in one of your favourite destinations.

Babymoon - Baby Bump Silhouette - Photo Natalie Preddie

Photo Natalie Preddie

Why do we need a babymoon?

Pregnancy is tough both emotionally and physically. Mothers have a challenging job growing a human, going through labour, breastfeeding and everything that comes after. Mothers need to take every opportunity to be pampered and indulge in some kid-free quiet time- especially with their partner. If it were possible to bank some sleep, this would be the time to do it. A babymoon is also the perfect way to celebrate this new and exciting phase of life.

Babymoon - Mom & Dad to be - Photo Natalie Preddie

Babymoon – Mom & Dad to be – Photo Natalie Preddie

Why Barbados for a babymoon?

Barbados is a beautiful, small and friendly Caribbean island that despite a few kid-friendly properties, really shines as an adults-only experience. You can drive from North to South in an hour making it easy to get around. The East and West sides of the island are unique offering a rustic, surfer-friendly Atlantic east coast and a calmer, more luxurious experience on the western Caribbean Sea.

BabyMoon - Barbados sunset- Photo Natalie Preddie

Photo Natalie Preddie

Where to Stay

Although there are larger all-inclusives on the island, take advantage of the smaller, boutique hotels around like Waves Hotel or Crystal Cove both by Elegant Hotels, a sophisticated brand of properties on the island. Many have a restaurant on site but are near many different types of restaurants just waiting to be explored. A small hotel also means that the staff will know your name and especially on this island, make the extra effort to ensure that you are well looked after. An extra cushion here, a midnight snack there and special fruity mocktails will make you feel like you are at home away from home.

Where To Eat

Barbados is a self-sustainable island, which means that the fruit, the fish and the meat is all super fresh. Dine at renowned fancy restaurants like Cliff Beach Club or Hugos, or explore smaller delicious digs like Orange Street Grocer or ocean side, Round House. Know that regardless of where you choose to eat, you are eating healthy, fresh food that you can really feel good about. Ask a local for a recommendation or just wander along the beach until you find a place that has exactly what your pregnant self needs.

BabyMoon - Spa in Barbados - Photo Natalie Preddie

Photo Natalie Preddie

What To Do

There are lots of pregnant friendly activities on Barbados that can soothe both your sense of adventure and also your tired pregnant feet. Watch a live traditional Barbados singing and dancing show at Harbour Lights or spend a day in the spa. Go cruising and swim with turtles or go snorkelling along the colourful reef. Explore the historic St. Nicholas Abbey where your partner can sip the signature rum on your behalf or head deep under the earth into Harrison’s Cave (on a tram…don’t worry- no caving). Or simply stroll along the beach and float in the perfectly blue sea with your partner while you discuss your favourite baby names. Regardless of what you are feeling, there is something for every pregnant mama to do.

Whether it’s your first baby or your fifth, a babymoon is the best way to relax, rejuvenate and celebrate Mom, Dad and your new bundle of joy.

After the babymoon...

After the babymoon…


Concerns about Zika:

While at the time of publication, Barbados is not on the CDC Zika free list, the Caribbean has not had a case of Zika for over 2 years, verified by WHO. Before you make the very personal decision on where to travel, always do your research and check with your Doctor. The author consulted with her Doctor and Midwife who were both fine with her travel to Barbados. For more information, please see the Government of Barbados Information Site.