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April 7, 2022

I arrive bleary-eyed at the airport. It’s not really that early, but let’s just say that it’s the last sunrise I hope to see until September. The airport is quiet this morning but there is an audible buzz surrounding Lynx Air. Media and notable business partners are gathering in Banff Hall at the YYC Airport, while cameras and microphones are being set up amid excited chatter. Reporters are taking notes and interviewing those who are waiting for this very first flight from Calgary to Vancouver. I wake up quickly as the excitement surrounds me. Experiencing the inaugural flight of this new airline is my destination this morning.

Lynx Air is Canada’s newest airline, boasting an ultra low-cost model with low fares, excellent customer service, and a mission to make air travel affordable to all. Headquartered in Calgary, the airline has a fleet of brand-new Boeing 737 aircraft, and by summer, families will be able to travel from coast to coast on a budget.

Lynx Air (Family Fun Calgary)

Cutting the ribbon before the first-ever Lynx Air flight; Pictured in the middle is Lynx Air CEO, Merren McArthur

Lynx currently operates a fleet of three Boeing 737 aircraft, with plans to add two more planes in the coming month. After Vancouver, Toronto will be added as the next destination, with Kelowna, Winnipeg, and Victoria all following by the May long weekend. As summer approaches, you can expect flights to and from Hamilton, Halifax, and St John’s by the end of June and Edmonton by the end of July. This summer, Lynx Air will be coast to coast, with many places in between! Ambitious plans see Lynx growing its fleet to 46 Boeing 737s in the next five to seven years.

Merren McArthur is the CEO of Lynx Air. “Lynx is on a mission to make air travel accessible to all Canadians, with a transparent, a la carte pricing model which empowers passengers to pick and pay for the services they want, so they can save money on the trip and spend where it counts – at their destination.”

Lynx Air (Family Fun Calgary)

Photo: Eric Peterson

Gathering at the gate, I’ve never seen so many suits or heard so much chatter waiting for a flight! Media and PR people abound, as this is an important moment for Calgary and the Canadian air industry. But many here are simply curious to check out the new airline and are excited to be a part of this event. The Boeing 737 Max 8 is sitting at the gate, colourful and shiny new in the sunshine, with Calgary’s downtown as a backdrop.

The inaugural Lynx Air flight takes off from YYC on April 7, 2022, en route to YVR, amid clapping and enthusiasm. The passengers consist of media, people with a business interest in Lynx Air and Calgary, and many air enthusiasts who love travel, love airplanes, and are excited about new opportunities in the air. Of course, there are a few passengers who are just taking advantage of a low-cost flight to Vancouver, too, and I’m sure they are pulled into the excitement as much as I am!

I sit across the aisle from three young adults, who eagerly booked this inaugural flight just for the experience, and their enthusiasm is infectious. Along with the media, airline enthusiasts, airplane geeks, and those happy for a low-cost option, the atmosphere bubbles over with conversation and laughter. Many people know each other today and the atmosphere resembles a party as passengers mingle and new acquaintances are formed, with applause and cheering breaking out for any reason. Who needs airline food to celebrate?!

Lynx Air (Family Fun Calgary)

There are few children on this particular flight, but Lynx Air will surely be popular with families. Affordable and convenient, the airline hopes to open up the world of air travel to everyone, with simplicity, transparency, and choice, and that includes families on a budget. Family vacations can take on Canada this summer as families will have more opportunities to introduce their kids to the beauty of our vast country.

Things have changed since we’ve experienced a worldwide pandemic. Families want to focus on what’s really important – spending time together, finding your community, making memories – and not on extra costs. We want to experience life, even while watching our expenses, and we want to choose the extras we spend money on. Where will you travel this summer? See the giant Douglas firs on Vancouver Island, experience the warm hospitality of our prairie cities, catch a show in Toronto, and enjoy the relaxed vibe on the beautiful east coast. Visit family and friends across Canada. Introduce your little ones to new experiences or plan an adventure with your teens. What moments will you seize this summer?

When you book a flight with Lynx Air, remember that it’s a basic flight, safely carrying you to your destination. That means there is no food on the flight or the option to buy food, so be sure to bring snacks for the little ones (and the big ones!). Pack your own entertainment, and confirm that your devices are charged if you’ll be using them. The airline permits a personal-size carry-on bag and charges a fee for checked luggage or larger carry-ons.

Book the basics or indulge in just the extras you need with Lynx Air. Don’t you just love the smell of a new aircraft?!

Bon voyage, Canada!

Lynx Air (Family Fun Calgary)

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