Show of hands; how many of you have made pancakes or waffles or scrambled eggs for dinner at least once?

Yup, me too!

The nights when I’m feeling uninspired, tired or just plain lazy are when that I bring out the maple syrup for the evening and the kids feel like they’re getting an awesome treat.But let’s face it its not something we would want to do very often as it’s not always the healthiest or most well balanced meal.

But Lindsay Landis and Taylor Harckbarth have taken it to a new level with their cookbook “Breakfast for Dinner” and I have been wiping drool off the pages ever since I got the book (and it was not just because the pictures were amazing!).

Breakfast for Dinner - Huevos Rancheros Tacos

They have taken the simple concept and turbo charged it with inventive flavor combinations like Grapefruit Risotto or Goat Cheese Monte Cristos’s that really had me re-thinking the lowly breakfast waffle. These recipes would make great brunches, yummy lunches and unique dinners.

And it’s not all about the main course. Wise cookbook authors know that desserts and libations are just as much fun as the food and they’ve included some ideas for sweet treats and great drinks. Including my favorite the Frozen Sunrise Margarita which is like the love child of a Margarita and Tequila Sunrise.

Breakfast for Dinner - Frozen Sunrise Margaritas

Check out Breakfast for Dinner and I’m sure your next breakfast at dinner (or breakfast, or lunch…) will be a hit!