It’s that time of year again. Puddle time! The snow melts but the ground is still boggy, the spring showers come a callin’ and kids cannot resist the siren call of a deep puddle of water.

Living in Vancouver that time of year is all the time, but surprisingly, not all stores carry rain boots year round. Crazy! So when my kids wore through last years pair before this years models were in the stores I had to come up with something quick. Plain, black, utilitarian, old-school rain boots to the rescue! The pairs I bought were about $14 from Wal-Mart but Canadian Tire stocks them too.

When I got them home I realized I had a big problem; my kids have the same size feet and the boots were identical. Anyone who has been faced with a pair (or more) of siblings knows that it is absolutely unacceptable for either child to accidentally put on the other kid’s boots. Like it’s a serious, earth shattering, tragedy that will cause fall-down, knock-down, hair-pulling fighting and yelling because Billy dared to put on Helen’s boots.

Because my mornings are already insane enough I thought fast and decided to label the kids boots on the outside. I used Mabel’s Labels but anything similar will work.

I also inadvertently stumbled upon a solution to another problem; my son is constantly putting his footwear on the wrong feet (and stubbornly insisting that he likes it that way…). So I decided to stick his labels on the side of his boots so when the labels are facing each other he knows the boots are on the correct feet.

Billy's boots

With my daughter’s boots, I decided to stick them in the front, almost like a quasi-Hunter Boots label.

helens boots

The kids were happy, I was happy and many a puddle will be investigated.

What do you think?