When Chris Hadfield became the first Canadian to be the commander of the ISS, he made space more accessible for all of us through updates and videos. I read his biography, An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth, and was inspired by the life lessons and takeaways from which we could all benefit. His warm and dynamic personality – not to mention his many talents – have kept him in the public eye and right now, as we are all experiencing the isolation associated with COVID-19, Chris Hadfield has a bank of knowledge we can all draw on. The man was isolated, above the Earth, for 6 months with no more than 5 other people at any given time. If anyone knows how to thrive being trapped in a small space it’s Chris Hadfield.

Recently Chris Hadfield spoke to CBC and shared tips on self-isolation. He firmly believes we all now have an opportunity to be productive amid a wealth of technology.

Check out Chris Hadfield’s interview with the CBC here.

Chris Hadfield – An Expert in Space and Isolation:

Website: www.cbc.ca

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