We’re all about family here at Family Fun Canada. We love exploring together, travelling together, finding opportunities to share both our back yard and the world with our kids. Just imagine what families could do if they didn’t have to worry about paying for the mortgage, groceries or post-secondary education? Hmm. I could travel pretty far, and far more often if I didn’t have to pay for food!

canada's luckiest family

So like the lotto commercial asks,  what would you do?

Enter Canada’s Luckiest Family sweepstakes and you could find out! Prizes include mortgage or rent payments, groceries, gas, trips, RESPs, and more!

Whether you’re expecting your first, or you have kids aged 12 or under, don’t pass up a chance to win a life-changing prize bundle. Maybe some luck will run in the family.

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Canada’s Luckiest Family – Draw Date
The winner(s) for all Canada’s Luckiest Family contests below will be drawn on the same day. On or about August 5, 2021, one entry will be randomly selected from all eligible entries received during the Contest Period.

If you have any questions about this contest, CLF is happy to help! Please email their excellent customer service team at contact@parentlifenetwork.com