Disney In-Demand Pricing is striving to cut line ups and crowds at the American Disney theme parks.

Will Disney In-Demand Pricing Cut the Crowds at the Happiest Place on Earth?
After an Edmonton man was charged $1100 for a New Year’s Eve Uber ride across the city, people got familiar with the term “surge pricing” in a big way. The law of supply and demand is hardly a new concept,¬†and charging more at times of higher demand shouldn’t surprise consumers, many argued. Agree with the sentiment or not, Disney Parks are getting in on the game, and judging from some of the reactions on social media, not everyone is happy about it!

We won’t argue that it is easy to sink a bundle at the Happiest place on Earth, but according to Disney, the “in-demand pricing” structure is an attempt to spread crowds more evenly throughout the year.

At Disneyland in California, there will be three tiers, “Value” for Monday through Thursday admissions, “Regular” for weekends and most summer weeks, and “Peak” for holidays, July weekends, and spring break. At Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, the pricing structure is more complicated across the four parks, but will also follow a value/regular/peak pattern.

The changes went into effect on February 28th, 2016 and affect only day admissions, not the multi-day passes popular with many Canadian visitors to the parks.

What do you think about the new pricing at the Disney Parks? Would it change your holiday plans?