Do you have Canada’s Luckiest Baby?

“Your baby needs YOU” my midwife liked to assure me when I was pregnant for the first time and anxious about baby bathtubs and breast pumps and diaper wipe warmers. “Everything else is gravy.”

The thing is, I love gravy. I don’t mean metaphorically, I mean I love the brown sauce slathered on my mashed potatoes. Baby gear, on the other hand, I still find a little overwhelming.


Canadas Luckiest Baby 11



At my midwife’s behest, I demurred from buying much, taking a wait and see approach (also I had very generous friends who gave me stuff). A failed experiment in hand expressing left my clothes, bathroom counter, floor, mirror, and walls drenched in breastmilk and a disheartening couple drops in the baggie I was using to collect it. It also encouraged me to break out the breast pump. The crib is used pretty much exclusively as a laundry hamper, but I have a feeling I would die without the baby swing. Live and learn, right?

Or, if you are an expecting parent or the parent of a child under three, you could enter Canada’s Luckiest Baby and win a boatload of prizes, including an RESP, diapers, toys and more, and not have to worry about it at all!

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