Bekonscot Model VillageWhat a delightful treat we discovered at Beckonscot Model Village!  The venue first opened in 1927 and has been expanding ever since.

Roughly 1.5 acres are covered in whimsical village scenes.  From a police station with a bed sheet escape ladder hanging out the window, to a burning thatched roof house with actual smoke pouring out the top, the village is an absolute delight.  Our boys, and nearly every other child, was focussed on spotting trains.  Miles of track circumnavigate the entire property; they cross bridges, race through tunnels and surprise the seekers around corners.

Even with our fast-paced kids, it took us nearly an hour to navigate the entire model village.  There was so much to see!  Operational wind mills, water falls, a circus with active rides and more.

In addition to the model village, there is a great children’s play ground, a train for people to ride upon, and a tea shop.

Bekonscot Model Village 2We had such a good time we came back after heading to a near by pub for lunch.  The kids were eager to wander through the entire village again.  We spotted many charming features we missed on our first pass through.

Travel tip: if you have a membership/admission ticket to Miniature World in Victoria, BC you can gain free admission to the Model World at Bekonscot.  There is an international network of model cities…who knew!