DiggerlandDiggerland needs to come to Canada!  What a blast!  We braved the 2+ hour drive to take the boys to Diggerland.  Apart from a visit to the Diggerland website and a survey of Trip Advisor comments, we didn’t know what to expect.  Our expectations were more than exceeded.

The kids got to actually drive: skid steers, mini excavators, large-scale excavators, mini dump trucks, kid-sized Land Rovers and more.  It was unbelievable!

Three stations existed for the mini excavators.  The first required the driver to use the arm, with a small metal ball attached, to knock over 9 metal bowling pins (we managed to knock over 7).  The second station involved using the arm to hook 2 plastic mallards floating in water (we got both of them).  The final station involved digging in mud to locate 3 bricks (we only managed to find one).

Diggerland 2The skid steers were amazing!  A large circuit with 3 massive mud puddles awaited exploration by the drivers.  Our eldest was actually tall enough to drive by himself.  I couldn’t wrap my head around a 4 year old driving a skid steer by himself; he rode on my lap.  He did all the driving, I was merely there for my own comfort.

Before you think this experience is completely crazy, rest assured the each ride is incredibly safe!  The various machines are all speed-controlled; slugs may move faster (which was just fine by me).  There are also a very positive ratio of employees to riders.

We had an unbelievably wonderful time.  Our kids are already asking “when are we coming back to England so we can go to Diggerland“?  There are 4 Diggerlands scattered across England (Devon, Yorkshire, Kent and Durham); you won’t be sorry you made the drive!