Flights Take Off

courtesy Fly EIA

Don’t get us wrong, we love Edmonton; some of our favorite people live here! It’s just that sometimes we really want to get the heck out of here, and we are grateful for the airlines that are making that wish easier to attain.

Congratulations to American Airlines, who join WestJet in offering daily non-stop flights to the sunny hills and beaches of Los Angeles. Just think…you could be forty degrees warmer in a matter of hours!

After the much ballyhooed arrival of Icelandair to the halls of EIA this spring, we are thrilled to welcome KLM Royal Dutch Airlines with nonstop flights to Amsterdam. Starting May 5th, 2015 the near 100 year old company (!) will be flying Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays (with Fridays added for the summer season starting in June) to KLM’s international hub at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, where passengers will be able to connect with flights to practically anywhere in the world, or stay for a lovely holiday full of art and bicycles!

KLM presently offers direct flights from Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. Edmonton is pleased to become the newest Canadian gateway!

KLM flights from Edmonton