Little Passports

If there’s one thing we love here at Family Fun Canada, it’s travel! It’s a passion we want to instill in our kids, and something we are working to help you do too! Happily we have found Little Passports a great resource to teach kids about the world around them and get them ready for life as a jet setter (arm chair or actual!)

Each month, Little Passports will send your child or children a package decked out with information about the featured country. A letter from the “hosts” of Little Passports, Sofia and Sam, details their travels, and fun stickers and activities are included for your child to join in the fun. There’s even special online activities and games participants can access. As the months pass your child’s Little Passport will fill with stickers from each country they have learned about, as their geographical knowledge and wanderlust grow!

You can choose the length of the subscription you wish to buy, or choose the American version, featuring States instead of countries. Check out Little Passports and let the adventuring begin!