Haunted Victoria

The Fairmont Empress is just one of many haunted places in Victoria credit: Tourism Victoria

Are you brave enough for Haunted Victoria?

We like to joke about Vancouver Island being a haven of retirees, but the truth is, beneath the vibrant city of Victoria lurk residents who are far, far older. As British Columbia’s most haunted city, the capital boasts a long and torrid history that has resulted in more than it’s fair share of ghosts and haunted locales.

If you are made of stronger stuff than I, you can visit the sites that are rumored to be the domain of restless spirits. Tourism Victoria suggests checking out Beacon Hill Park, where the doppelganger of a woman appeared screaming with arms outstretched weeks before her murdered body was found on that spot; Bastion Park, site of Victoria’s first gallows where the bodies of the hanged men are buried; Market Square and Chinatown, the former red light district and home of opium dens and nefarious goings-on is said to be well haunted with the ghosts of ne’er-do-wells past. And there are more, just as terrifying stories to be found if stay at one of the reportedly haunted hotels in the city, like the Fairmont Empress or Chateau Victoria Hotel & Suites.

Check out Tourism Victoria’s site which has lots of creepy suggestions for those  looking to build a Halloween flavoured itinerary. Be brave Family Fun-ner, and don’t say we didn’t warn you!