Ready to shock, the Prince House at Heritage Park is lit - photo courtesy of Heritage Park
Seeing Things: Paranormal Investigators Scour Alberta for Ghosts

Believe it or not, most of the folks who go looking for proof of the supernatural are sceptics. Armed with the latest in high-tech devices, paranormal investigators travel far and wide to document or discount ghostly happenings. With or without sightings, the fun is in the hunt. Hype or Haunting?
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A few minutes from Canmore, nature lovers look for golden eagles - Photo Carol Patterson
Unraveling Ghostly and Natural Mysteries in Canmore

Fancy yourself a CSI fanatic or a devourer of mystery novels? Then you’ll love unravelling the mysteries to be found in Canmore and area during October when crowds are gone, and hotel rates drop. By day, you can witness one of the planet’s most significant migrations that happened for decades
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Essex Street - Photo Stephen Johnson
Bewitched by Salem and Gloucester Massachusetts

We arrived in Salem, Massachusetts expecting to find out everything about witches. Beginning in 1692, the infamous Salem Witch Trails resulted in the execution of nineteen people convicted on (false) accusations of witchcraft. We certainly learned a lot about witches but also discovered a city steeped in colonial history, maritime
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California’s Screamin’ – Three Verrry Scarrry Theme Parks at Halloween

When fall comes creeping into Cali, it takes its time. In the daytime, it’s all sunnies and shorts, but at night you’ll feel a chill in your bones. Hotels seem eerily empty, which makes shoulder season a great time to dig up a deal. If you love Hallowe’en, get a
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Blackies Halloween Surf Visit Newport Beach and Partners
4 Screaming Good Times! Ghostly Thrills, Races and Chills Await Travellers in October

What if I told you there was a time of year when you could experience fewer crowds of tourists, pleasant weather, great prices on accommodations plus scare the pants off your family? Travel in October. You hit the sweet spot in shoulder season plus you get to embrace the funniest,
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Kamloops Goes All In at Halloween with Annual Spookloops Festivities

My back was to the door, uncaring that it was filthy, covered in dust and grime. I gripped the arm of a complete stranger in terror and fright. Fortunately, she didn’t seem to mind as she appeared to be as scared as I was in the dark, abandoned tunnel beneath
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Our Home and Spooky Land! Parks Canada at Halloween

Parks Canada at Halloween is the place to be for genuine Canadian creepiness! The national parks system is home to some of the most beautiful vistas in the world, powerful and important historic sites, and experiences that will educate and delight your whole family. If you thought that was enough,
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Walking tour stops at a close in Edinburgh - Photo Shelley Cameron-McCarron
Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid, in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital city, lends itself well to haunted and historical tours. Is ‘the watcher’ lurking in the shadows of the dark stone corridor ahead? My youngest daughter is taking no chances, here in the airless, almost claustrophobic cavern beneath the streets of Edinburgh, Scotland’s beguiling capital city. The normally
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Halloween in Montreal -Zombie Walk Credit Susan Moss
Halloween in Montreal Brings Thrills and Chills!

Montreal will be teeming with ghosts, ghouls and the undead in a new Halloween festival, taking place October 27 to 29, 2017. Trouble-Fête will feature parades, live shows, movie nights and street performances for all ages throughout the weekend (with a very kid-friendly The Great Wizardry Fest on Sunday, October 29).
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6 Reasons Kingston Ontario Reigns as Canada's Top Halloween City
6 Reasons Kingston Ontario Reigns as Canada’s Top Halloween City

By Anne Bokma With its rich history of haunted happenings, Kingston Ontario, is arguably the spookiest place in the country to celebrate Halloween. From the eerie penitentiary where Canada’s worst criminals were housed, to the ancient fortress of Fort Henry where the ghosts of soldiers are said to still roam
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