5 Can’t Miss Activities at the Jasper Dark Sky Festival

Jasper Dark Sky Festival Courtesy Tourism Jasper

Jasper Dark Sky Festival Courtesy Tourism Jasper

We peer up at the sky, blinking hard against the snowflakes that land and melt on our faces and occasionally in our eyes.  “It’s all part of the Parks experience!” chuckles the Parks Canada interpreter tasked with leading a star gazing program in a snowstorm under a cloudy sky.

“I hope they have good imaginations!” I hear his partner laugh, indicating our international group. We have gathered in the hopeless impossibility of catching a glimpse of the heavens, as the sky gives zero indication of cooperating. Nonetheless, the park interpreters gamely launch into the story of Orion the Hunter, and everyone settles in for the star gazing sans stars.

Cloud cover like this (viewed from the top of the Jasper Tramway can make star gazing a bit of a challenge!

We are there in Jasper National Park for the Jasper Dark Sky Festival presented by Rocky Mountaineer, an annual bash celebrating the night sky and Jasper’s status as a Dark Sky Preserve.  It’s pretty cool that Alberta is home to two of the largest Dark Sky Preserves in the world (Jasper National Park and Wood Buffalo National Park) so in true Canadian fashion, we celebrate with a festival!

When my family and I had the opportunity to attend in 2016, we had a stellar (see what I did there?) time! There is a ton of fun to be had during the festival that spans over two weekends in the winter…here’s what you won’t want to miss!

Bill Nye, Dark Sky Guy

1) Special guests: Okay, yes, it’s a bit obvious that you will want to hear the keynote speaker at the Dark Sky Festival. In 2016 both Bill Nye and George Takei shared speaker duties, with Nye headlining the first weekend, and Takei the second. On the Nye weekend, he hit the stage twice: an evening presentation that was geared for adults and an afternoon talk for all ages. We also got the chance to hear Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen talk about his experience with the Canadian Space Program. The question and answer period could have gone on all day as far as I was concerned, it was completely fascinating. The talks are a chance to hear experts in their field. Even as someone with limited interest and aptitude in science, I felt inspired! In 2017, special guests will include Brian Cox and Phil Plait, two of today’s most popular science educators.

2) Star Gazing with Parks Canada So, the thing about a dark sky preserve is that it’s dark. In the town site you slightly notice that it isn’t as glaringly bright as you might be used to, but once you are out of town, it’s DARK.  Finding where we were supposed to go for the program was a bit of an adventure in itself (see the snowstorm I referenced above!) but even with no stars to be found, the program was entertaining and informative. The Parks people do a great job of keeping it accessible for a range of ages and interest levels and it’s a free activity that is really worth your time…even if the stars themselves are absent! Visit the visitors’ centre in the Jasper town site for more information on programming, or see the website.

Jasper Dark Sky Festival

The air supported planetarium is a great chance to see the night sky, star are guaranteed! Setting up the telescopes for a daytime viewing; taking a peek at the planets.

3) Jasper Planetarium For a guaranteed look at the stars, make some time for an experience at the Jasper Planetarium! Set up in the courtyard of the Hotel, the inflatable dome planetarium is a 360 degree astronomical immersive experience. Seated comfortably in the folding chairs under the dome, we watched stars and Northern Lights flash above us. My young son was helpless to stay silent in the face of such wonders, breathlessly saying “Whoa” at several junctures. He was voicing what we were all thinking. Whoa for sure! You can also take part in a daytime viewing experience, where you can view the heavenly sights through special telescopes. During the Dark Sky Festival the Planetarium offers additional times and programs, including a star session that includes supper at the top of the Jasper Sky Tram, and a late night stargazing tour in Maligne Canyon. See the Jasper Planetarium website for more info and ticket prices.

4) Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) In 2017 the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada will be setting up in the Park to give visitors a chance to gaze at the heavens, for free. Several telescopes, each set up for viewing a different part of the sky will be set up to offer the opportunity for an “up close” look at what lies beyond. Volunteer astronomers will also be on hand offering assistance and answering questions. If you have your own telescope, it’s a great time to bring it and they will give you hand setting it up.

Jasper Dark Sky Festival

Seats set up beside Lake Annette waiting to be filled by ESO patrons, the stage is set for the Symphony; s’mores waiting to be made over the warming fires

5) Symphony under the Stars Snow pants are not usually de rigueur for a night at the symphony, but at the Symphony under the Stars, you are going to want them. Trust me. Even with the hand warmers, blankets and hot chocolate bar thoughtfully provided for the experience, you are going to want to bundle up. It is October in the Rockies! If you can afford the splurge, the Symphony under the Stars event at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge is an incredible experience. A stay at the venerable resort includes a welcome reception, and an amazing 3 course supper followed by a performance by the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra outside beside Lake Annette. In 2017, jazz greats Tommy Banks and PJ Perry will be joining the ESO. Note, while children are allowed at the event, I found a night at the symphony better with them safely ensconced in the hotel room. The concierge desk can help arrange nanny service for you if you need.

The proliferation of light pollution has interfered with our ability to see the beauty and magic of the night sky, and the Jasper Dark Sky Festival brings people who are best acquainted with the the night sky. Previous speakers have included including guests from the the TELUS World of Science in Edmonton, the Royal Canadian Astronomical Society, Jay Ingram (former host of Daily Planet) and internationally beloved astronaut and Twitter-star Col. Chris Hadfield. The coming festival promised to reach the high standard that has been set by past festivals.

These and more activities will keep you and your family fascinated by what lies above. Visit Jasper Dark Sky Festival for more details.

Many thanks to Jasper Tourism for hosting me at the Jasper Dark Sky Festival. The opinions, as ever, are my own.

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