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You know those parents who are full of energy, always organized and seem to have it all together? I am not one of those parents. I am forgetful, unorganized and always running late. I have tried writing things down in a calendar but then I forget to look at the calendar. Electronics are my only saving grace. I have to set reminders for myself in my Google calendar to remember birthdays, anniversaries, doctor’s appointments and weekly classes that Max is enrolled in. So, I was intrigued when I heard about a website that assists families with communication, scheduling and more.

Me In A Tree is an online program that facilitates fun family communication and activities. It integrates with your Google or Outlook calendar and walks you through weekly events with easy ways to assign activities to different family members. It’s colour-coded!

Each family member has their own dashboard and can easily see what their duties and chores are each day. At the end of the day everyone can write in the gratitude journal which is made age appropriate for all levels.

That’s not all! There are resource videos, articles and forums for parents to help support you in your endeavor to keep your family centered and focused even while your schedules are busy and hectic.

My favorite aspect of Me In A Tree is the Family Huddle. I may have used it more than the weekly prompt suggested. I may have used it every day for the past two weeks. Let me tell you more about it in this video.

Free Trial Offer:

Me in a Tree offers a free two week trial to try it out for yourself. Visit www.meinatree.com for more information.

About Misty Hamel

Misty Hamel is a lifestyle blogger on a journey to find real friends, great food and good times no matter where she happens to be. She’s left pieces of herself in many beautiful places and restaurants all around the world but she currently has one foot in Calgary (that’s in Canada) and another in New York. You can read her blog at Life Where We Are.

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